How to Create Stunning French Interior Design in Your Apartment?
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France is widely known for its effortless and chic style - both in fashion and design. Therefore, French interior is all about elegance, but not going over the top. In this article we will present top tips from the best world’s designers on how to achieve this flawless effect. There are actually a few rules that can help you create unique French apartment with a touch of your personal style.

Get to know the French chic

For decades the first word that comes to mind when we think about France is chic. Paris is often called the capital of fashion and trends definitely on purpose. It is known for unique craftsmanship and cherishing the art. People are always impressed by French interiors that perfectly combine the old with the new. Although there are numerous Wall Arts, posters, furniture we can still feel the sense of coherence and balance. French chic is all about mixing finesse with boldness. French people stick to this rule in every aspect of their lives - from clothes, dining, manners to interior space design. Since walls and floor are usually kept simple, prints and other accessories are the ones to create extraordinary effect. Adding personal touch helps to make everything more original, yet stylish. Nowadays we are able to get closer look into French interiors - from wall colours, decor up to unobvious tricks that construct Parisian chic. Anyway, as French people say: above all, keep it your way.

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Keep to the rules from interior designers

French interior design has a long and rich history. From regal era with rich ornaments, through French Revolution to modern, minimalistic style with unique accents. Currently, French style is synonym of subtle, effortless chic with dash of interesting details. To keep interior French, but still contemporary you can choose neutral wall colours and decorate it with Line Art prints. You can definitely go bold and unconventional with pieces what you chose to each room. Designers remind taking care for every room - don’t forget about decor for Kids Room and Nursery! For more advanced designs, remember about ceiling in plans, as it is integral and important part of the room. We advise to keep it plain and simple, bout some people decide for minimalistic ornaments to make it more interesting. Remember to create atmosphere with lightning - include some chandelier and place for candles.

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Final tips to remember

Nevertheless, French apartments are quite eclectic. On one hand side, it might appear that French style has no rules. Actually, it is not the case. Everything seems to be coherent and stunning due to consistency of colour palette with occasional splash of vibrant colour. First and foremost try to keep interior simple and choose rather natural materials. Stick to linen, cotton, wood, brick and metal rather than plastic and other synthetic elements. The key lies on details and Wall Art. Scandinavian posters or prints with botanical motives would be great touch to elevate the look of whole interior. To achieve even better effect try to combine the old and the new style - hang Line Art next to classical oil painting. Don’t be afraid on leaving one bare wall - it will create feeling of space. You can stand out by choosing some centrepiece furniture. It is especially good idea to apply to living room or bedroom. If you are looking for something extra, feel free to try some tassels, fringes, frills or ruffles, but don’t go over the top. With prints and posters it will give spectacular effect, but still remain elegant. Remember to chose fine quality pieces.
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