4 designer tricks that will make your dining room look expensive

At first, we should distinguish two different things - expensive dining room and expensive looking dining room. Often people forget that one does not have to link with the other! Not all of us are lucky enough to have enormous budget for interior design. Fortunately, there are some ways to create an elegant and luxurious dining room without spending a lot of money, such as implementing Wall Art and posters. In this article we will present you top 4 designers tricks that can help you to create dining room of your dreams with high-end decor.

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How to start?

The most important part is to define what is expensive look to us. Some people associate it with crystals and gold, some find luxury in simplicity. According to contemporary trends in interior design the best way would be to create rather neutral background and apply bold, classical furniture. The first step is to use proper colour palette. It is probably the simplest, but most effective thing that you can do to transform the interior of your dining room. Try to stick with neutral colours, but avoid white. It will bring rather sterile, hospital effect. We recommend going for beige, coffee with milk shade and all tones of sand. Light wall will create optical illusion of more space. Then look for classic furniture that will be statement pieces in dining room. When it comes to expensive looking interiors the best will be dark, bold wood table and elegant chairs. Rest of elements will set final tone and define character of place. Line Art is perfect idea for those who appreciate minimalist design and contemporary pieces. Poster and prints in just black and white tones will be modern accent that adds sophisticated touch.

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Lightning is a key


Final advice is to play with creative lightning. Lights and shadows are crucial in interior decor. Try to go for subtle, diffused light in warm white tone. It is associated with elegance, chic and luxury. Keep dining table in the centre and leave the rest of the dining room in subdued light for the best effect. Check different shapes of chandelier to see that looks the best in your apartment. Wall Art with botanical or Scandinavian motives will be an amazing final touch that will help to reach desired effect. According to top designers high-end aesthetic is skilful connection of coherent colour palette, corresponding furniture and unique decor. If you want to expand this luxurious chic style you can always find interesting posters for Kids Room and Nursery. For expensive look limit colous to minimum and keep everything in neutral, warm tones and break it with splash of gold or black and white prints of Line Art.

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Fabulous dining room - summary

Expensive looking dining room is definitely achievable for everyone, regardless of budget. The key is a good plan and vision. Focus on details and invest in quality pieces. Designers advice to keep room simple, rather than overload it with a bunch of unnecessary elements. Try to look for natural materials. Wood, brick, thick cotton and linen elevate the style of interior and make it more elegant. Then you can choose just simple, white decent tableware from one collection. Elements that immediately elevates the look are Wall Art and minimalistic prints. They are definitely worth investing. Right now you have numerous online opportunities that can help you find stylish and affordable poster. By introducing even couple pieces of art work you can change the whole interior. Remember to care about good quality, simple frames. Then just put fresh flowers in a vase and place it in central point of dining table. Fabulous, expensive interior design is definitely reachable with just a bit of planning and careful choices.


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