Ultimate guide for minimalist interior design

In recent time, the idea of “less is more” became more and more popular. Currently, minimalism is well known in all the world and applied into fashion, design and whole living philosophy. Some people decide to stay just on the aesthetic side of minimalism. They stick to neutral colours, raw materials and simple forms. Check out how to reach perfect minimalist aesthetic in your own apartment with those few suggestions.


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Just keep it simple

When it comes to interior design minimalism is mostly about glass and wood, combining tradition with modernity. Due to that it prefers simple spaces filled with just necessary objects. It has characteristic predominant black and white colours mixed with other neutrals. This style if perfect for those, who value practical solutions and interesting design. Due to smaller number of things, choice of furniture, Wall Art such as posters and prints is much more conscious and thoughtful. Remember that as every style, feel free to adjust it to your own preferences. Minimalist interiors are perfect foundation for more bold designs. Just by adding one colourful accent you can change look of thole apartment. People often decide for gold or blue tones to reach very modern, but cosy atmosphere. Yet, everything will still remain coherent and stylish.


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image source: mieszkaniowe.tarkett.pl


The most important tips to apply

We gathered the most important tips from the best world’s designers who inspire all of us. Remember that these are just helpful advises and you can freely adjust each of them to create your desired style. Minimalism is not only about simplicity and asceticism, but also enjoying each piece that you incorporate into your life.

  1. Stick to neutral, coherent colour palette. Don’t choose more than 3-4 colours, as the more shades you introduce, the more clutter effect you create. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to use only black or white. There are multiple options such as light grey, cappuccino and sand tones. Wall Art can be way to introduce new colours to enrich the interior.
  2. Try to look after timeless pieces of furniture. Choose rather comfortable brown leather sofa then fancy red couch with vibrant pattern. In minimalism, you can experiment both with vintage and modern style. For example, you can try wooden table from 60’s and botanical Line Art Print hanging over it.
  3. Play with texture. Experiment with chandelier and cosy blanket on sofa. Stick to one colour palette but change materials to achieve unexpected effect.
  4. Choose clean lines - it applies to furniture and Wall Art such as minimalist posters. There is beauty in simplicity that will positively influence the look of all space.
  5. Focus on proper lightning. Minimalism is known for spacious rooms in light tones. Part of that effect is due to the lights. If you can choose go for big windows and natural sunlight. Add rather subtle, warm white light bulbs in whole interior.
  6. Incorporate some monochrome artwork pieces. Scandinavian prints will look perfect in living room. You can also add some botanical posters into Kids Room or Nursery. They will create another dimension of the room.
  7. Don’t forget about plants! In most of minimalist interiors you can find a stunning green monstera or a cactus. They integrate well with neutral, classic design and elevate look to higher level. Plants are also a perfect way to make home feel more cosy and warm.


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